Monday, April 13, 2015

Cats and Stripes Forever - cat blanket

What a beautiful weekend it was! Volunteered at the zoo on Saturday and went out to dinner with friends after; Fridge shopping/browsing, wine tasting, and a visit with a friend on Sunday - and of course the return of Game of Thrones! And somewhere amid all the activity, I was able to stitch up a quick quilt made especially for the cats.

With the fabric I purchased last week, I pieced together wide stripes and double-thick batting for a cozy cat blanket. Now the furballs can sit atop the loveseat and ponder at the outside world in comfort.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring stock-up - quilting

So since I came back from my Miami trip, I've taken a big break from large sewing projects. When I get a burst of energy, I've been making some fabric storage boxes out of old scrap fabric, but now I've got the itch again to do bigger projects. So at the end of the last week I made a trip to the fabric store and picked up a few things. What will they be? You'll have to wait and see!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Earth Month!

It's here! The 'greenest' month of the year!
Living in southern California, I have obviously had the fact that we're in extreme drought conditions drilled into my brain. And like any good citizen, I've taken some personal action, not only for water conservation, but for general 'green' living:
What I've done/I'm doing:What I need to do:
  • "If it's yellow, let it mellow."
  • Compost compost compost!
  • Recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and cardboard boxes
  • Reuse as much as possible, especially for crafts!
  • Took the Dirty Car Pledge - Dirty for the Drought!
  • Ride my bike more. Stop being lazy!
  • Take cooler showers to cut down on energy
  • As the bottles empty, replace personal care products with eco-friendly options
  • Get an energy-efficient refrigerator - coming soon!

Of course, it's easy for uber-greenies to push too hard and turn off the regular Joe Shmo to changing their habits and live greener. It really is a lifestyle change and many people are overwhelmed by the challenge, or ignorant as to the importance of it. So here is just one thing I ask of you in order to help make a difference this month: cut down on how much meat you eat.
Yes, I'm concerned about animal welfare and the horrible conditions within factory farms, but that's not all. If you look at recent statistics, the biggest contributor to air pollution, water pollution, climate change, the whole shebang, is the livestock industry. It takes almost 1,000 gallons of water to produce one burger or steak if you include irrigation for the crops to feed the cattle, then giving water to the guzzling cows themselves. And don't forget about the pollution from fertilizers and waste, which does SHOCKER end up in the water we use! You can read more about the waste lagoons, oxygen-free dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico, antibiotic and hormone use, and groundwater contamination from the Natural Resources Defense Council and at
What can you do? I ask that, in April, you cut a couple of meals a week that include meat and spend a few more moments in the kitchen to opt for a fresh vegetable-based meal instead (and I'm not saying Lean Cuisine pastas!)