Tuesday, September 2, 2014

End of Summer at the Bowl

This weekend, we had the opportunity to see John Williams's conducting the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl. Granted, we've seen him before, but a friend scored free box tickets, so we had Garden Box seats - Seats four people with (basically) lawn chairs and large trays for food, as you're allowed to bring your own picnic yummies.

They played music from different movies, primarily Williams's scores. And, for the Star Wars themes, it was always fun to look upon the crowd with a sea of light sabers thumping to the beat.

hollywood bowl

We'll be back at the Bowl in a couple weeks for The Simpsons Take the Bowl - the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra will be playing along to scenes from the show, and with the voice actors in person! (Back to our poor man seats, though, up in the bench seats.)

Meanwhile, though it was close to 90°, I got right to work this weekend on my Halloween quilt. All dresden flowers have been assembled, most of them are stitched onto their block... until someone forced me to stop...

But a quilt isn't complete until a cat has slept on it, right? So I guess this gives me her permission to continue. My goal is to have it all assembled and quilted by the end of September so I can use it right away on Oct 1!

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Laboring into the fall

Here it is. The unofficial end of summer is upon us.

Beach time, gardening, long walks, Comic Con, reading - I didn't let the summer go to waste, that's for sure. And though I've enjoyed this time, I'm sooooo looking forward to my favorite season. So much so that I've already started my seasonal projects.

  • A halloween quilt with dresdens. Only a few more to put together (though I'm running out of scraps!), sewing them to the background fabric, then assembling and quilting the blanket. Hopefully it'll be done by the end of September to it's all ready to use when I decorate.

  • Joe picked up some pistachios, and rather than letting them go to waste, I decided to make more pinecones and flowers from the shells with hot glue.

    So when do I break out the butternut squash?

  • Friday, August 22, 2014

    Pie makes everything better

    It's arrived - the last day of my staycation.

    I never ever take time off just for myself, so I finally decided to do it. Early this week, we spent time at the beach, eating out, going for walks. I also got started on my Halloween quilt and canned some peach salsa. Stayed up late, slept in late. Lovely relaxation.

    But yesterday I got notice that, because of the draught, our external hose taps in our community are being locked. So what's that mean for our garden? So a lot of time was wasted yesterday talking to the HOA office, coming up with ideas as there's only 1 key and 13 gardeners, discussing with the garden committee. It continues today, as well as getting some errands in, like an oil change.

    So I was in a bad mood yesterday as I got nothing fun or personal done that morning and afternoon. A waste. So, to make me feel better - I made pie.

    Appleberry pie

    Appleberry pie. Homemade butter crust with granny apples and mixed berries. With some french vanilla ice cream, warm pie makes all problems disappear, at least temporarily.

    Thankfully the end of my staycation isn't just ALL boring/annoying adult stuff. This weekend is also our local end-of-summer festival. Yes, it means summer is coming to a close, but it's always fun to be around screaming kids on rides, the smell of greasy food and sunscreen, and all the funnel cake you can eat!

    Friday, August 15, 2014

    Flipping over a gymnastics t-shirt quilt

    2014 Quilt #3 is complete!
    Several months ago I received the request to make a t-shirt quilt from old gymnastics tournament t-shirt. I had seen several versions of t-shirt but never made one myself. Here was my chance!

    Gymnastics t-shirt quilt
    I started by cutting out the graphics on the tees, then ironing stabilizer on the back of each to prevent the jersey fabric from stretching too much. I wanted to give this quilt a bit of a gallery look, so each graphic was given a brown frame and then a dark gray shadow.

    Tuesday, August 5, 2014

    Sprucing up the garden with upcycling

    I can't believe it's been three weeks since we built our neighborhood gardens.

    And my plants are coming along nicely. All the seeds I planted have sprouted - beans, radishes, onions, carrots, and lettuce. And I've even had to thin my beans and radishes since all my seeds took. My summer squash are touting some lovely blossoms, and my tomato plants are starting to get some tiny flowers. Not bad for my first veggie garden!

    Wednesday, July 30, 2014

    The Return from Comic-Con

    As always, Comic-Con was a blast. Five days of pushing through crowds, waiting in lines, reading SDCC headlines on twitter as we sit in other panels - totally energizing and exhausting at the same time. Bought lots of books, sat thru lots of panels, ate lots of junk food. I'd go back in a heartbeat!
    See the slideshow below for my highlights. As this year is the 75th anniversary of the creation of Batman, we ended up see a lot of Batman discussions and props.

    Tuesday, July 22, 2014

    A domestic geeky life

    What a pretty busy weekend to lead into a super busy week!
    First, grocery shopping this weekend didn't include the normal fresh fruits and veggies we normally get, but lots of trail mix, granola bars, and water. Prepping for the coming apocalypse? Well, kinda. We're heading to Comic Con in San Diego this week! (which I'm sure we'll catch the annual Gaslamp zombie walk). As we'll be spending plenty of money on books, toys, and dinners, we try to save a couple bucks by taking it easy on breakfast and lunch with travel food.

    Now that my garden is over a week old, I'm actually seeing some progress! My tomatoes needed a little boost, so I used a couple different concoctions: Garlic water spray for bugs, Epsom salt water spray for magnesium, coffee grounds for fertilizer and bug deterrent, and powdered egg shells for calcium.