Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Earth Week!

Yeah, I know tomorrow is technically Earth Day, but why not celebrate for a week?

A Zombie Easter

What a beautiful day it was yesterday! Slept in, made a big breakfast, did some cleaning, then off to sewing.

And to celebrate Easter, I had my own zombie rise from the dead. Super easy to make. Just cut out the pieces from this panel and sew together and stuff. On one side, she's a cute little girl; on the other side, she's a flesh eating monster. But still loves her puppy.

Zombie Zoe doll Zombie Zoe doll

I'll keep her out for awhile, but I'm sure she'll be joining my yearly Halloween decorations this fall.

I also started practicing my daisy free-motion stitch for my quilt. The quilt top is all pinned and ready to go. I think I'll start this week!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A soon-to-be Free Motion quilter

How many hobbies can I pack into one weekend? Well, I'll tell you: 7!
  • Quilting
  • Cleaning
  • Crocheting
  • Volunteering
  • Cooking
  • Watching TV
  • Reading

    Saturday was my free-motion quilting class. And it was so worth it. There were only 7-8 people, of which I was the youngest. I was a bit intimidated at first. They were all clucking about differences in machines, their favorite quilters, etc. Stuff that's all over my head. I just like to sit down and sew. But when we sat down and started to do the actual work, I ran circles around them...er, quilted circles around them. We spent the time watching the instructor do samples of different stitches, then practicing on our own, with the instructor coming around and helping us troubleshoot. It only took me a couple test sandwiches to get the feel of the motion, which really boosted my confidence compared to the practice I did on my own a couple months ago that was a flop.

    I didn't take pics of my pattern stitching, but I did take pictures of the stencil on quilt paper. The picture on the right is a closeup of my finished work. Not bad, but could use more practice if I ever decide to do that again.

    Quilt stencil Quilting class

    And this class gave me some inspiration for my pink spring quilt - I decided on a daisy stitch pattern to make it even more springy and girly.

    I spent Sunday morning at the zoo, just moseying around and answering guest questions as they popped up. But I found it weird that some of the animals were following me around. Some animals, like the pronghorns, peacocks, and the Andean condor, would come running to the front of the exhibit and walk along the front with me. Took me awhile to realize that I was wearing a beige t-shirt and brown baseball cap, so I looked like a keeper. *sigh* If only.


    When I got home from the zoo, I was still inspired from the quilting class on Saturday that I felt the need to make something. So, with some fabric from the Farm to Fork fabric line, I whipped up some new pot holders for my kitchen. I had intended to try some free-motion quilting on these, but then decided to stick to a straight stitch and not hide/cover the images too much.

    Farm potholders

    And somehow I managed to find the time to clean up my sewing area a bit, work on a crochet top that's slow in the making, catching TV like 'Game of Thrones' (no spoilers, but it's about time that happened!) and read a few chapters. No wonder I'm so tired...

  • Tuesday, April 8, 2014

    Prepping for spring

    80 degrees in LA this week. So beautiful. Saturday we spent the day walking around an outdoor shopping area, but only after visiting one of our favorite local art galleries. For one weekend only, Gallery1988 showcased AdventureTime-themed art, and we walked away with a few prints.

    Sunday I spent the afternoon working on my spring quilt. The top is all put together! And this weekend I have my free-motion quilting class, so then maybe I'll be confident enough to try out a pattern.

    pink block quilt

    Not too much movement on our community gardens. Everyone was to turn in their payments, but I haven't seen my check cashed yet. And we can't order the supplies to build the garden boxes til all the money is deposited! *sigh* But I'm planning ahead anyways and have planted some seeds in used k-cups - a green alternative to small pots and we're closing in on Earth Day!

    K-cup seedlings

    Tuesday, April 1, 2014

    Pretty in Pink - Office travel and quilt

    Last week I traveled to chilly Boston for work. Thank goodness I was only there for a few days - no way I could take the cold longer than that! Yeah, LA has softened me.

    Before I left, I decided to make some new travel accessories. For the binder cover, I took ideas from various patterns and pictures I found online and made up my own. It was time for a new business card holder too. My old one had an open side and my cards ended up getting all dirty. So I followed this pattern on Craftsy.

    And finally, I started my next quilt with pre-cut squares given to me as a gift. Just doing simple squares in a diagonal pattern. Not sure what the stitching will be. In fact, next weekend I'll be taking a class on free-motion quilting, so maybe that'll give me some inspiration!

    Fabric binder cover Business card holder Pink square quilt

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