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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Once we moved into our current apartment, Autumn had the strongest urges to go outside. We'd let her out into the hallway to sniff around the neighbor's door, scratch at our coconut doormat with her nonexistent claws, even ran up the stairs to check out that area, but that was the most freedom we could give her. That was not enough for her, as she would start crying and block our way every time we approached the doors.

Finally, a few months later, I gave in and bought an all-natural flea repellent spray, and a harness and leash for both the girls. Of course, once I dished out cash to give the girls what they want, destroyed the packaging, and tossed the receipt, I learned that Lil' Girl must be double jointed - no matter how tight I made the harness, she was able to wiggle herself out of it. (She's the master of escape. She's also figured out how to open her carrier once). Unwillingness to wear harness = no outside for LG. Autumn, on the other hand, just collapsed out of confusion of why this blue thick cord-thing was dragging on the floor behind her. But, since she didn't appear to fight the harness, it was time to take her outside.

Was she excited to see a whole new world she could only view from the window? Mesmerized by the new scents? Deciding which spot she would lay on the warm sidewalk in the sun? No. She freaked and crawled under the bushes, made her way back to the front door and wanted in. So much for that adventure.

Weeks went by with no door begging. It was nice to finally have quiet in the kitchen without a cat weaving between my legs trying to get to the back door. And Joe may be allergic to the flea stuff so he's relieved with that. But in the last few days...

Should we try again? Will she like the outdoors the second time around? Or did she have her chance?

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