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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The other day, I was thinking about how grateful I am for my current status in life at the moment. Work is going well, money situation is decent (knock on wood), got great friends, and my brain and fingers are bursting with craft ideas. Then I got to thinking, you know who totally take their lives for granted? Our pets.

6:00am Alarm sounds. Owner goes into bathroom to shower.
6:15am Wake up. Push way into bathroom and stare while she towels off.
6:18am Meow until she makes way into dining room.
6:20am Eat breakfast.
6:25am Go back to bedroom and sleep.
12:00pm Wake up. Eat leftovers from breakfast.
12:15pm Groom.
12:25pm Sleep in sun in living room.
4:30pm Wake up. Greet owner at the door. Demand dinner early.
5:00pm Lay in the the middle of the floor while owner tries to exercise. Grab at her feet.
5:30pm Groom.
6:30pm Beg for dinner. Get fed.
6:45pm Sleep in bedroom/Watch squirrels outside window.
7:00pm Wake up. Greet other owner at door.
7:15pm Beg for table scraps even though I know they're not eating meat and I won't like it.
7:30pm Sleep in bedroom.
8:30pm Wake up. Crawl on top of owner on couch in awkward positions. Sleep. Get upset when he tries to move, then steal his spot.
9:30pm Sprawl out on office floor and whine for attention. Get pet.
9:45pm Give owner a dirty look as she dabs string in my face to play with. Go lay on other side of the room.
9:50pm Receive tasty treats.
10:00pm Follow owner to bedroom. Crawl under sheets with her. Take up as much space as possible.
11:00pm Get pushed to end of bed. Decide to sleep in own bed instead.
1:00am Wake up. Eat leftover dinner.
1:10am Hack up food loud enough to wake owners.
1:12am Watch them clean up the food I wasted without any guilt. Hop back into bed. Sleep.

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