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Monday, August 17, 2009

Little things can add up

My previous blog post inspired me to do something good for the community. While doing some research, I came across a website that listed many small things you can do to help your community (and unfortunately I lost that link). One of the projects listed was to collect toiletries for donation to a local community center that services the homeless, low-income families, battered women, and the mentally-ill. I thought this was a fantastic idea, especially since it didn't require much effort at all - always a plus.

So I grabbed a small box, attached a sign describing the center and what I was collecting, and placed the box in a popular area at work - the kitchen. It was a small box, I wasn't expecting much. I threw in a few things I bought for $1 in the travel section of the grocery store. A few days later - the box was almost full! There was a great response!

This inspired me more, so I created a second, larger box and placed that on the other floor - with the larger, more hoppin' kitchen. I put a few more items in, including some crocheted wash cloths (I need to get rid of some of this yarn!).

Two weeks after I announced my request for donations, both boxes were overflowing. During my lunch break, I went for a drive and dropped off the donations to the center.

This shows that you have no excuse not to do something good for your community. I'm a lazy person. I didn't want to go anywhere and dedicate hours of my time to a project. So I found something that suited my lifestyle/schedule. Prep for this project took me about 10 minutes.
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