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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weight control

I'm not the only one in the family on a diet, er, "lifestyle change". My two girls are also having weight issues. But you can't blame genetics...they're adopted.

Autumn was overweight. A Maine coon at about 20lbs. An inactive, lazy piggy. Lil Girl, on the other hand, was very active, playful, and an okay weight for a domestic short hair.

Time for Autumn to be on a diet. I took away the free-feeder. No more midday snacks. Dry food had too many carbs, so they got primarily canned food with some dry mixed in. After a few weeks of this and forced play, she lost 5lbs. She's slim, sleek, and very playful now. Able to jump up on the bed without problems, and can hop up on the back of the couch without help. After it seemed she was maintaining this, I changed their diet to wet food in the morning, dry food at night.

Now... Autumn is still in great shape, but Li'l Girl ain't so li'l anymore and has become a bit too porky. Not interested in playing much anymore, and begs for food constantly. She's picky about her wet food and sometimes won't eat it. When I give her dry food, she gorges. She literally pushes Autumn out of the way and throws her whole body over the food bowl. I have to chase her away after a few minutes so she won't overeat at almost every feeding.

So what should my new strategy be?


  1. Start making comments about her weight as she walks out of the room. And maybe some funhouse mirrors. Mess with her head.

  2. Oh yes. I always forget...mental abuse is the best weight loss program... :o)

  3. So, it seems like LG was doing well on more dry food and is now not doing well on more wet food? It sounds like you've changed their food a lot in a relatively short time. I wonder if she's perceiving the changes (or at least her body is) as food is unpredictable, better get it when I can. I.e., she's in starvation mode. And I swear, no matter the brand, dry food must be laced with crazy addicitive chemicals. With our cats, they don't handle any change at all. Even just trying to switch flavors on them results in complete refusals to eat and then ridiculous antics at 4am because they're starving. Which is completely ridiculous with Teddy who less than a year ago was a stray and would eat ANYTHING.

    I would suggest switching back to the last thing that was working well. And if you need to make changes, make them very, very slowly. We also feed our cat's raw food (Nature's Variety) - it's the closest to what they'd be eating in "the wild". They hate it but it's better for them and actually cheaper than decent quality wet food per serving. As long as they eat it :)

  4. It wasn't really too short - this has taken place over 6 months-1 year.
    And they definitely don't get the cheap food. I found a new brand, I forget what it's called, but there's no corn or soy products in it. The first 3-4 ingredients are all protein, which really helped with Autumn's weight loss I think.
    Maybe I'll start feeding wet food in the evenings again and see how that goes. Thanks!