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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall reading list

I love seasons. I decorate for Christmas as early as possible for that cozy warm feeling; I buy fresh, sweet-scented flowers in spring; I open the windows wide to let in the freshly cut grass smell in summer. Now autumn approaches. I plan to decorate for Halloween at the end of this month after my work trip. Joe and I are planning our scary movie list for Netflix. While browsing the Visual Bookshelf on Facebook, I started thinking about great books to read at this time of year. This summer, my pool-side guilty-pleasure reading included the LA detective series by Jennifer Colt. Now for fall, I've created a new list:

I have a feeling my dreams are going to be very interesting this season.


  1. Are you reading scary books to get yourself ready for Halloween?

  2. Heck yeah, not like I need the motivation

  3. My boyfriend loves the Dexter books. Apparently they're more awesome than the series.

    And I'm totally looking up Roman Dirge. He seems like a man I should read.