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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dream interpretation, please

Space. The final frontier.
I'm on a ship in some sort of meeting room. Sitting at a large round table with a bunch of people. Not sure what we were discussing. I was wearing a short skirt (which is so not me). An old guy next to me noticed and started rubbing my leg. I pushed him away and relayed how angry I was. Meeting dismissed.

The ship looks more like an airport, with restaurants and shops. But instead of terminals, there were small living room-like rooms with couches and tvs.

As I was walking down a hallway, the was a big explosion and shaking. The ship was taking over by bad guys, that kinda looked like Beetlejuice. There doesn't seem to be a direct danger to us - no killing sprees or slavery or anything - but we still feel the need to sneak around and avoid them. There are some parts of the ship that are now off limits to us.

I snuck into a corridor I shouldn't have. I came into a room with a giant fountain. People were gathered around swaying and chanting. On top of the fountain stood a bad guy. Kinda looked like the progeny of Oogie Boogie and the burlap-head guy from 'Trick r Treat.' In the fountain was a black lab. He was sinking. He was some sort of sacrifice and they were letting him drown.

I push my way through the crowd, jump in the fountain, and pull the dog out. The dog turns into a little boy with black hair, maybe 3 years old. I hold the boy and run. The boy starts calling me mom, though he obviously wasn't mine since I knew the mother in the dream. She was avoiding me and didn't want anyone NOT in that cult or whatever to know she willingly sacrificed her kid for the bad guy.

So I'm carrying the boy down the hallway and he says how hungry he is. So we stop at a Fridays. I wake up.

Begin interpretation now.


  1. I have a friend who actually does dream interpretations. (Of course I do). I'll read this to her and let you know what she has to say.


  2. I'd say this is all about invasion of privacy. The guy rubbing your leg; literal invaders in an area that you consider "yours" but is technically shared. The rescue mission of the dog boy is you taking a stand against these invasions. Even his mother was willing to let outside forces have such control over her private life, but you made a stand against it.

    And then, you know, you were hungry.

  3. Interesting.
    So where in my private life am I feeling invaded?