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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fear of Commitment?

Way back when, as soon as I received my first video iPod and downloaded iTunes for the first time, I scoured iTunes for free things to download. This is when I learned about podcasts. I started subscribing to more podcasts than I could handle watching. Though it was heavy on my heart, only a few were made the cut: Lynchland, Cute with Chris, MTV Daily News, and G4's Attack of the Show clips. Unfortunately, as with many podcasts, either viewership declines or the novelty of making the podcast wears off, so few of my faves have left me hanging...

Now, AOTS does update pretty regularly - every day or two - so I can't really complain about them. They offer fun interviews and movie/video game/geek news that are the perfect length to watch with my breakfast before heading to work. But the other three - they've left me hanging.

MTV News has not updated in several weeks. Are they done with it? Is there no entertainment news to report? How am I supposed to find out what the Jonas Brothers or Green Day are up to? So much for daily.

LynchLand is actually a podcast Joe and I would watch together. Created by Liam Lynch, director of "Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny" and Sarah Silverman's "Jesus is Magic," and of course of 'United States of Whatever' fame, the ~20-minute long podcast consists of short silly skits and songs recorded in his own house. Some skits star himself; some star computer animated characters; both are goofy, original, and fun to watch. But when was the last podcast? - January '09. Where's he been?

Last night I attended a special screening of "The Pick of Destiny" with a Q&A afterwards with Liam Lynch as a fundraiser for The Actors' Gang. During the Q&A, he brought up his podcast and mentioned he had been too busy with work this year to start a new one. Since January, he's been working on a documentary about Them Crooked Vultures with Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones. He had been sworn to secrecy on the project, so he couldn't mention what he's been working on until recently. According to a recent Twitter update, he mentions he'll start filming again soon. My heart leapt!

Another podcast that Joe and I would view together was Cute with Chris. Host Chris Leavins, Canadian actor and comedian, displays cute viewer pet pictures, creates a cute-off contest, and updates us on his current projects. The podcast is geared towards teens, but its fun for me b/c he's pretty condescending to his teens fans. Last podcast: June '09. Where's he been?

According to, he had worked on a pilot this year, but there's no status of where that went. He still updates his website with cute animal pics with demeaning captions. He also has focused on his "Chris Leavins Story Hour" which is available on iTunes. (I haven't checked into that yet, so I don't know how recent that is.) But when will he bring back the 'Cute with Chris' podcast? I demand an answer.

Moral of this blog: If you are going to commit to a video podcast with a loyal fanbase, keep it up! Or end it. Don't leave us in limbo wondering what has become of you.

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