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Monday, November 16, 2009

Gobbley Gobbley

Thanks to, I found this adorable turkey project.

Took me longer than it should have, but I forgot to pick up yellow yarn during my last craft store trip. D'oh! I think I may change the eyes though. They look a little silly to me.

For the pattern, see Bittersweet.

Now, to figure out how to make pilgrims...


  1. They just seem off to me. I might go with beads instead. Or yarn knots.

  2. Hi, I am currently trying to make this adorable turkey, but I can not seem to figure out the first part of the pattern. Do you chain then join and do 5 sc in the circle or what? Any help would be appreciated. I have worked on tis little bugger for 2 days and still can't get it.

  3. Depends how big you want the starting circle. I like mine tight, so I would chain 2, then do 5 sc in the first ch to form your circle.