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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Rocky Start to 2010

Friday, Jan 1
Pro: Had a fun New Year's Eve shindig with friends
Con: Woke up early for no reason; slept only 5 hours

Saturday, Jan 2
Pro: Won my first tennis league match.
Con: So extremely sore afterward, could barely move

Sunday, Jan 3
Pro: Attended our last Christmas event for the season, at the San Diego Zoo; walked off most of my soreness in my legs
Con: Walking and being active was fine, sitting for more than 5 minutes made me super stiff

Monday, Jan 4
Con: Sewage backup in the bathrooms
Pro: Fixed and cleaned up in time for me to go to work...late
Pro: Scheduled 2 more tennis matches for next weekend - hopefully my muscles won't react as poorly this time
Con: Woke up with a stomach bug. Left work early to curl up in a ball in bed.

At least it all evened out in the end, right?

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  1. Pro: You have an awesome boyfriend who is able to massage those aches away.