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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wrangling the reindeer and other crafts

I've been pretty busy with multiple projects going on at once:
  • A few seasonal decorations to do a test run on Etsy
  • Getting back to work on my scrap quilt with all the leftover fabric from Christmas projects
  • Planning gifts for a few people who found out they're preggers - you people should really plan your pregnancies around my schedule and not all at once... :)
  • Planning craft projects for myself for once, including a trivet and a basket for the bathroom.
  • Trying out some recipes from my new cookbooks. See Eat Well and Prosper for a few!
  • Working on my tennis game. I recently started a league (won my first game last weekend!) but I'm still pretty rusty. Two more games this weekend - hopefully I'll be able to move on Monday morning.

    I did, however, finish up some last minute Christmas projects, including Rudolph and a carrot to snack on

    Keep an eye here for many updates on my to-do list. Busy, busy, busy!

    Click Here for the reindeer pattern (Must log in to Lionbrand)
    Click Here for the carrot pattern (Must be a member of Ravelry)
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