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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flab 2, Helby 2

An update to Flab 2, Helby 1. Yes - I gained a point!

Two weeks ago I expended some more blood for testing. Since my last test, I've gone mostly vegan with the exception of the occasional yogurt. I've substituted flax seed and tofu for eggs, almond milk for skim milk, and I've been using vegan butter for the longest time. And alas, I've severely cut down on my ice cream intake.

I did, however, slack on the exercise part. My 'diet' took place over the holidays, so of course I gorged and got too lazy to move most of the time. When I went back to my home town for Christmas, the most exercise I got was walking the dog, walking the snow-blower, and the occasional WiiFit.
Since New Year's, I've tried to take a lunchtime walk at work once or twice a week, about 2 miles. I took up tennis again, playing one or two games almost every weekend. And Joe has been kind enough to take up tennis himself a little bit so I can get some practice in during the week.

Seems to have worked - my cholesterol dropped 40 points!

My doctor is happy with that and says I don't need the medication right now. We'll check again in 6 months. So expect to see another update in September - hopefully with good news!

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  1. Way to kick both the meds and your tennis opponents' asses!