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Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring!

In celebration of spring, I wanted to make something that represented rebirth. And what icon represents rebirth better than butterflies!
And voila - my newest wreath creation:

Now available on Etsy.

Birth of a Butterfly - Author Unknown

A mama butterfly lays all her eggs,
Out pops a caterpillar, crawling on its legs.

The caterpillar first is rather thin,
But then it eats till it bursts through its skin.

After growing nice and big,
The caterpillar climbs on a leaf or twig.

It makes a shell where it hangs inside,
Then the shell cracks, and the parts divide.

Inside the shell, a change was going on,
The form of the caterpillar now is gone.

When the shell opens, what comes out?
A beautiful butterfly fluttering about.

The Butterfly - R. Walsh
I'm giving you this butterfly
because of what it means;
the amazing thing about butterflies
is the way they get their wings;

See, butterflies start out
as very different things;
each one enduring hardships,
but to this hope, it clings;

One day it will become,
despite setbacks, from the start;
no longer a nothing creature -
but the love inside its heart;

If, by chance, you see one -
for that one brief moment pause,
and watch it floating by,
remembering this, because

You too are like the butterfly,
having endured so many things,
making beauty out of heartache,
turning obstacles into wings;

You truly are a miracle
and I think that you should know -
It's not the things that happen
but, how we learn to grow

In the end what makes us
beautiful and why
is not the way we started
but in how we learned to fly.


  1. I love the way this came together. Nice!!

  2. Thanks! And thanks for advice on the colors