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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hoppin' cute

Easter is fast approaching, so here's a quick decoration you can make in just a few hours!

Fabric for binding and backing
Fabric for front background
Fabric for rabbit - I used a white fleece
Heat-n-Bond - optional
Quilt batting - I used low-loft
Matching thread
Tacky glue
Puff ball

  • Cut out 1 rabbit. Feel free to use this pattern.
  • As I'm not confident in my pinning-then-sewing skills, I used Heat-n-Bond to secure the rabbit to the background fabric.

  • Cut your background and backing fabrics to whatever size you'd like. Layer and pin as you would a quilt, with rabbit design on top, then batting, then backing.
  • Stitch however you'd like. I stitched on the rabbit and around it.

  • Create your binding from the backing fabric, and bind the edges of your piece

  • Glue the puff ball onto the rabbit for a tail
  • If this is a wall hanging, attach your hanging method to the back. I used a small plastic hoop.


    1. This is just so cute! What a great Easter craft :-)

    2. Sweet bunny craft! thanks for sharing your idea.

    3. I love your adorable bunny! Saw your post over @ Someday Crafts. Visit me sometime @