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Monday, March 8, 2010

Tennis is for the birds

As I've taken up tennis again, and I'm cheap, I tend to wear the balls down until they're dead to avoid buying a new set constantly. A few friends have recently brought new pups into their families, so the balls will be forked over to them. But what to do with the leftover canisters?
I didn't want to throw them away, so I did what I always do - procrastinated from doing something productive at work and searched online for ideas. And bingo! Found a great idea:

Tennis ball canister bird feeder:

  • 1 Tennis ball can
  • 1 thin dowel rod, cut into 2 pieces with ends sanded
  • Drill
  • Hemp/twine/yarn/ribbon to hang

    1. Choose a drill bit the same width as your dowel. Drill holes into the can do dowel will fit straight across.
    2. Using a large drill bit, drill holes right above the dowel rod to serves as the feeder holes.
    3. With the larger bit, drill two holes at the top of the can and feed hemp/twine/etc through.
    4. Fill with birdseed and hang

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