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Monday, June 28, 2010

Cat Scratch Fever

As I stated in my last blog post, I mentioned how I bought slipcovers for my couches to hide the scratch marks complements of Lil' Girl. In order to prevent her from ruining my new covers, I started to research scratch guards. I found some simple ones online made of vinyl and pins, 2 for about $12. There has to be a cheaper way, right?

I had some leftover vinyl from other craft projects (like this) which should do the trick. Then I checked out my local craft store's home dec department. Lo and behold they carry the same pins that vendor uses for just a couple bucks.

The benefit of these pins is they're easily removable, by twisting into place, and barely leave a mark in the fabric.
So let's see if Lil' Girl can figure a way around this one...


  1. Thankfully she loves the new covers for sleeping. Hopefully this means she'll never want to hurt them.

  2. Did this work for you? She didn't just move over to the area beside the vinyl? Thanks!

    1. Mostly. She started scratching the round edge of the arm, but right on the seam so it was easy to sew back up.

    2. We have a rounded arm like that. We had throws tossed over them but have just discovered they were simply going under the throw to claw. My male is a big boy so he reaches fairly high. I think I will try this but think I will need to cover higher up too. Thanks!