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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Couch Re-do

First I'd like to apologize. My computer decided to crap out on me, so I'm unable to upload nice pictures from my camera. So I have to settle for cell phone pics.

Moving on...

This weekend, we decided to pep up the apartment a bit. We rented a cleaner and washed our carpets. Even moved our furniture around. I also vamped up our sofas...

We originally nabbed our sofa set from the garage of a previous apartment. I made some pillows to replace a missing cushion. Lil' Girl also made it her own by scratching the heck out of the arms.

So I decided it was time for a change. The couches are pretty comfy, which I think is hard to find, and I feel bad trashing large items. So I made a trip to the fabulous BB&B, and grabbed super soft and stretchy covers:

Next steps:
1. Make cat scratch guards. I found some online for purchase, but I have a feeling I can make my own. I'll keep you posted.
2. Make matching afghans for the couch and loveseat. I'm thinking a gold color.

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