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Monday, July 12, 2010

Craft-a-day week - threadcatcher and tee

Working with thread or glue, arranging pieces of various materials in a way that makes sense, is a form of release for me. All worries of the outside world leave my mind. My only thoughts are on what my hands are doing.

As I anticipate a stressful week at work, I figured I should delve into the world of crafting and make at least one thing per day.


In my last blog, I showed off a gift a made for my mom. Realizing I, myself, am in desperate need of a threadcatcher too.

Hopefully, this will help me keep my sewing area clean while working on this week's projects.

During my visit from the 'rents last week, I WAS able to get a small quick project in. After a trip to the craft store, I picked up a t-shirt and an iron-on design. Here's the result:

It's a bit more shiny that I had expected, but for a total project price of $5, I can deal.
Iron-on's are insanely easy. First wash the shirt (sweatshirt, bag, whatever the case may be). Once dry, insert an ironing board into the shirt and make sure the front is nice and flat. Following the instructions for the design, which usually includes laying the design face down, and heat pressing for about a minute. Once cool, you can remove the paper backing and ten minutes later, the project is done.
I need to do some research online for more, yet less foiley, designs. It's fun and easy to make, yet much cheaper than buying pre-printed tees.