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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School Green

It's the end of August. Yet it seems like summer is just getting started here in LA.
I do miss this time of year though. Walking through Staples the other day, I was reminded of the yearly school supply shopping trip with my parents. Getting the new Lisa Frank folders, brightly colored paper clips, scented erasers and markers. Just couldn't get enough.

Of course, in this day of age, we're all more concerned with the environment and the legacy we're leaving behind. So I done some research and compiled some back-to-school necessities that are tad more pricey, but are definitely eco-friendly!

And if you don't have kids yet, like me, you can still update your home or work office with some new green supplies!

Lunch boxes/bags
TerraCycle has created a fun lunch bag made of reused drink pouches. A portion of the proceeds goes to charity.
TerraCycle also accepts your trash! Prevent more landfill buildup and send them your used drink pouches, candy wrappers, and beauty product bottles. They'll turn it into useful products!

Save the paper bag and plastic sandwich baggies and use a lunch kit from Goodbyn. Goodbyn lunchboxes are made of a sturdy recyclable plastic that'll be hard to break, and lord knows I drop everything. They also are compartmental - spaces for a sandwich, bottle, fruit, treats, whatever you want to pack!
Notebooks and Journals offers a fun assortment of journals, folders, and agendas made of 100% recycled paper. They also donate $1 from every purchase to the preservation of natural forests.
Grassroots Environmental Products has a wide array of office/school supplies that are ecofriendly, such as their recycled binders. Toted as recyclable AND reusable - once you're done with the binder, reuse the binder rings in a new binder.
Bags and Purses
I may just have to get me one of these: a solar bag from Voltaic Systems. Equipped with solar panels and removable rechargeable battery packs, you can charge your phone or iPod on the go!
EcoGear produces eco-friendly bookbags, laptop, and travel bags made of organic cotton and recycled plastics.

And of course, what's greener than making your own supplies, or reusing and revamping old items? One Pretty Thing offers back-to-school craft round-ups. And why not visit your local thrift store? You might find some treasures you can't pass up!

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