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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mousepad Redo's

My mouse pad (cat-shaped, of course) has seen better days. I've been meaning to pick up a new one for quite awhile now. Until I saw several blogs online showing different ways to make your own unique pad.

Last week at work, I found some mouse pads that were no longer in use so I nabbed two. I rummaged through my fabric drawer and found some fabric to make mouse pads for both me and Joe.

For my plan, all I needed was ModPodge, fabric cut slightly bigger than the mouse pads themselves, a foam brush, and wax paper.

On the wax paper, to prevent the fabric from gluing to the table, I covered the fabric with a thin layer of ModPodge to stiffen it. Let dry completely.
I applied a layer of ModPodge to the top of the mouse pad and pressed the fabric on top, smoothing out any bubbles. Let dry.
Once dry, I trimmed the excess fabric from around the edges of the mouse pad. And voila! My brand new mouse pad.

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