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Friday, September 17, 2010

Rising from the ashes

Something about this story moved me to share it.

From the Coastal German Shepherd Dog Rescue website:

"Found wandering the streets of Downey with his ears hacked off, Phoenix appears to have been used as a bait dog. He was then set to be euthanized at one of the county shelter. In spite of his obvious abuse, Phoenix is the sweetest dog you could ever meet. Thanks to the efforts of a shelter volunteer and an amazing group of networkers, we were able to save him! His face tells the story of the abuse of his previous life, but we will be able to change all of that for him! With the help of Alicia Pet Care Center, we will get him healthy and ready for his new life! His tragic story has touch many lives in a short time, even being featured on KTLA News. Reborn out of obvious tragedy, Phoenix will now have a chance at the wonderful life he was meant to have."

"He was most certainly used as a bait dog and bears the typical scars from that disgusting sport. His ears were cut off by an inexperienced hand and left to heal on their own. The scar tissue has built up from the years of attacks. Our wonderful vet (Dr. Wheaton, Alicia Pet Care Center) feels that some of his wounds are as young as 3 weeks old, so he was very recently being used as bait. He is suffering from ear canal infections, skin infection, flea dermatitis, emaciation and arthritis.....just to name a few of his ailments.....but with good vet care, love and affection his medical issues will be solved.

On to a more positive note, Phoenix is AMAZING. My toddler daughter hugged him and gave him loves and told him we would heal his booboos. Phoenix cuddled with an orphan kitten and made friends with a bouncy terrier pup. There is no other word to describe him, except amazing!"

Click here to donate to help with Phoenix's expenses.

So please consider doing what you can for Phoenix, and animals like him. And know that there are horrible people out there who can be so cruel, but there are also caring and compassionate people willing to help.

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