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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mr. Skellington I presume

During my recent trip to Disneyland and wandering around some gift shops, I found myself drawn to 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' areas with plenty of plushies, clothings, toys, mugs, etc. I found one stuffed version of Jack Skellington I thought was adorable. Made of felt, oversized head attached to an elongated body.

But I thought to myself "I can do better" and I did. Boo yah.

Just sat down and started drawing on some pieces of felt I had laying around with my tailor's chalk. Cut out the pieces and started assembling.

For more of a homemade and imperfect look, (and yes it was intentional, I'm not just saying that), I hand-stitched the stripes onto the suit with some white embroidery thread. I like the almost-swirly look its gives to the suit. Very Tim Burton-esque.


  1. How spooky! Great job making it yourself. I love the size so he can sit around on a bed or couch. Take a look at the life-size Jack I made.