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Monday, November 8, 2010

New purse

So, ultimately, I was unhappy with the previous purses I made for myself. With this one, I loved the fabric, but it had a very bad habit of collecting fuzzies and lint, which made it constantly look dirty. With this one, I think I made the wrong fabric choice, because the threads were always coming out and made the bag look shaggy.
So finally, after a trip to the fabric store, I found a fabric I think I can be proud of. I didn't recognize the type of fabric, but it was on the shelf with canvas and duck cloth, though it's not AS stiff.

And instead of one large pocket inside, with seemed too flimsy and everything fell out of it even though I could close it with a button on the previous one, I made two smaller pockets instead, which have held everything so far.
So can I finally put my purse pattern away for awhile? Will this one last?

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