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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Panel Love

Happy December!
It's getting to be crunchtime to start/finish some Christmas projects. And what's easier than a panel?

You may be able to find panels at your local fabric store. These kinds of projects are ideal if you need a quick afternoon project, or just a beginner and need some sewing practice! Often, especially around the holidays, you can find stuffed animals, aprons, children's storybooks, pillows, and more!

I honestly don't remember buying this panel, but I found it while cleaning up piles of fabric in my sewing corner. Must have been a Christmas in July buy. But a great project to spend an hour on during my Thanksgiving break!

Panels generally come like this:

The image is already completely printed, with cut/fold lines. The instructions are pretty clear, and often include simple step-by-step graphics. Less than an hour later, I had this:

I had recently purchased another panel with Christmas penguins (and lucky me - I didn't realize there were two penguins when I bought this.) The great thing with panels is that you can alter them however you want. There are no rules. With this panel, I cut off the end of their scarves that were supposedly flapping in the wind, and added my own fleece scarves (I tacked them to the penguins to cover up the printed scarf image). I also added some doll beads inside to weigh them down so they'll stand upright.

And voila, an easy afternoon of projects.

Also - new item up in my Etsy store:

Happy holiday crafting!


  1. OMG, where did you get the penguin one? I've been looking for stuffed penguins to make everywhere!

  2. I picked it up at JoAnn Fabrics. I didn't think they would have it online, but they actually do!