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Monday, December 13, 2010

Put a cork in it

1. I used a large frame (glass removed), sheets of cork, hot glue, enough fabric to cover the frame, and a spool of matching ribbon.
2. Measure the cork up to the backing of the frame. You want to make sure it'll fit inside the frame without popping out. Wrap the fabric tightly around the cork and glue to the back. (As I wanted some bare cork showing too, I cut the cork sizes I wanted and wrapped the fabric only around one piece.)
3. Once the fabric is glued on to the cork, determine what kind of pattern you want for the ribbon. I chose two X's (dos equis!). Measure out the lengths of ribbon you'll need. Make sure you leave extra to wrap around to the back of the cork. Glue to the back.
Once the ribbon is glued on, you can tack down the intersections. I used a large needle to poke a hole, and some brads leftover from old scrapbooking projects. This will tighten the ribbon and prevent your photos or papers from sliding around.
4. Since I was using bare cork too, I glued a piece of ribbon to cover the gap between the bare cork and the covered cork.
5. I also made matching tacks with a button cover set. I removed the loop on the back of the button with pliers. Then, following the set's instructions, I covered the button with fabric. A thumbtack was then glued to the back of the button.

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  1. saw you on ladybug blessings- love this idea! making half the board a photo holder is a great idea! super fun :)