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Monday, January 17, 2011


To celebate the Golden Globes, my friends and I did the obvious - went bowling. And to celebrate, both the winner and the loser received a little somethin'. The winner received a gift bag with a lollipop, bowling pin ornament (made by yours truly), and a gift card to a local movie theater. The loser received the same items sans the gift card.

The bowling pin was actually much easier to make than I expected:
1. I made this pin silhouette stencil and cut out two pins from white felt.
2. Wrong sides together, I sewed them together with a 1/4" allowance leaving the bottom open to stuff and hand sew closed.
3. I wrapped some red ribbon around the neck of the pin and knotted at the back, leaving enough ribbon to tie a bow and make a hanger. I took some red embroidery thread and stitched parts of the ribbon to make sure the stripes don't overlap in front.

And voila:

By the way, the lanes were jammed packed. Who knew bowling was such a popular activity in Los Angeles on a Saturday night?

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