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Monday, January 24, 2011

Pay it forward

I stumbled across this article from Yes! magazine from some blogs I was reading, and needed to share it as I feel it shows how easy it is to make an impact in your community.

  • Make a list of all the ways you contribute to your community now. Do you watch your neighbor’s kids for free? When’s the last time you held open a door for a stranger? Do you write checks to charity or volunteer on occasion? How can you step up what you’re already doing and do more? Where are you on this pyramid?

  • Make a list with three columns: 1) all the charities you’d love to help out, 2) why you feel you can’t, and 3) how you can address and remove those barriers. Do your barriers — as legitimate as they may seem to you — outweigh the importance of participating? Remember: you needn’t become an “activist” or even a leader to be active in your community! Simply participating in an ongoing project is giving back and living your values.

  • Practice what you preach. Give. Do. Help. Change. In other words, sign up today to volunteer for a local environmental cause.

It's still the beginning of the year - never too late to update your resolutions!

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