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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Comfy Valentine

Though Valentine's Day isn't one of my favorite holidays, I still felt I need to be festive. I don't have many decorations, besides a centerpiece and some wreaths, so I came up with the idea for throw pillow cases.

1. I found a heart pattern on Google images and adjusted it to the size I wanted. I cut one heart from the two different fabrics, cut them in half, then stitched 1/4" seam to the differing fabrics.
I measured my pillow and cut enough fabric for the front and back, leaving 1" allowance on each side.
2. I then stitched the two pieces of fabric together for the front of the pillow, then satin-stitched the heart to the front, lining up the seams.
3. To break-up the solid color a bit, I added a hand-embroidered 'XOX'
3. I sewed the front fabric to the back on all sides. (Not shown - to make the cover removable, I made a velcro opening in the back.)