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Monday, February 21, 2011

Keeping warm

It has felt like the arctic in LA lately - in the 50s. Sure, other parts of the country are cold, but I swear - 'cold' is different here. Stop snickering, east coasters. You don't know.
So, while it was raining out and I was shivering under several blankets with a cat covering my feet, I decided to use up some spare warm and make myself new slipper socks.

Made from wool from Japan. And honestly - as soon as I put these on, I started to warm up immediately. Thus, the cat's position has moved to my lap, until I make myself a crocheted wool body suit.

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  1. An East Coaster here....snickering! Awoke to several more inches of snow this morning :-)

    Lovely slippers! I hope you'll link them up to Fibers on Friday :-)