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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Candle mat

Sine we're cheap, we light candles around the house rather than run a heater. And drink wine. Lots of wine.
I have a candle sitting on top of our wine bar, which I'm often afraid will scratch the wood. Thus I came up with the idea to make a candle mat.

Using leftover material from my wine wreath (see it in my Etsy shop!), I made a simple quilting pattern:
2" wide bias from the cork fabric
2 - 6"x6" squares from the grape fabric

First, I cut a piece of low loft batting slightly larger than the squares. I sandwiched the batting between the squares. I prefer to use a temporary spray adhesive to make sure they don't move around on me.
I then quilted with invisible thread. Since this had a viney-pattern already on it, I just traced over the curly vines and the centers of the leaves.
I then attached the binding to the square and voila! A candle mat in less than a half hour!See this video or these written instructions for more info.

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