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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cute Overload

Sorry for my absense, but I had been traveling for work, and mistakenly didn't prep any blogs for while I was gone.
But I'm back, for a bit at least.

I mentioned before that my tomato plant from last year actually survived the winter and had a few blossoms. Well, now, there are a ton of blossoms and several adorable baby tomatoes popping up. And I'm sure the rain LA had this week will give them a big boost!

I'm anticipating a bigger yield this year than the whopping 3 tomatoes I plucked last summer.

The dilemma - Since it's on my mind, I feel like I should plant any new veggies now since the tomato and pepper plants last year seemed to take a while to produce. Question is: what do I plant and how do I plant it? Should I try bell peppers again? I've also been itching alot lately for jalapenos, should I try those? Should I grow from seed like last year or buy a plant from the store?

Meanwhile, Lil Girl rolled over to say hi:

Then decided you bored her and went to sleep:

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