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Friday, March 4, 2011

Dream - I guess I don't have Adonis DNA

So I really haven't been following the whole Charlie Sheen debacle at all - I don't watch the news, I skip over the headlines online. I only see jokes/quotes people post on Facebook and Twitter, and clips in commercials for his interviews.

That said, I had a dream about him last night.

Not sure where I was, but I decided to take a day off from the world and go hang out in this quiet area with a bunch of cabins. The cabins were lined up and there was a nice sidewalk in front lined with benches. I laid down on one of the benches and started playing on my phone where I saw a headline that Charlie Sheen was going to do a press conference from his home. The article showed a picture - it was the cabin I was sitting in front of. Damn. Within minutes, a crowd of people gathered, along with a ton of press. I remained on the bench. I started texting Joe about what was happening, when Charlie appeared from the door. He saw me on my phone, ran over to me, grabbed my phone and started squeezing it to crush it. I grabbed it back and yelled at him. He started yelling something to the effect of how I was taking his picture and spouting lies over the internet about him (though there were hundreds of other people around me, as well as press, actually DOING that).

Then he went on to introduce his friend who was playing golf in a valley on the other side of his cabin. And that was it. Everyone left. I called Joe to come pick me up... what's it mean? Should I be paying more attention to celebrity gossip and craziness? Or shouldn't I? Do I feel I'm often mistaken? I have no idea.

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