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Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Tips

Happy Earth Day! What are YOU doing to celebrate?
Though this list of eco-friendly lifestyle tips seem fairly obvious, I think they're also easy to overlook and forget. So engrave these in your head!


As you all know, Earth Day is rapidly approaching. It is important that all of us not only celebrate April 22nd, but also make some lifestyle changes to help the environment flourish. Here are some very effective but easy tips that can make a huge difference in your life.

1. Eliminate your junk mail!! - That one is easy. Sign up with and you are all set. (We had to put this as number 1 didn’t we????)

2. Leave the car at home - It might sound tough, but if you actually make an effort, you can make a huge difference. Once a week, don’t drive somewhere where you normally would drive. Maybe walk, or ride a bike, or have someone pick you up. Doing this once a week can cut greenhouse gas emissions by 800 pounds per year! What a huge difference for such a little sacrifice.

3. Use your own grocery bags - Many people have already made this change but there are still so many others that haven’t taken the time. It really does make a huge difference and I like it much better. The bags are more sturdy and easier to carry. I would make the switch even if it didn’t have such a large environmental impact. You can buy these bags at any major retailer and they are usually less then $1.00.

4. Recycle your electronics - Old computers, cell phones, printers, etc. all have important components that can be reused in newer equipment. Go to this website to find out a quick and easy way to recycle all your old gear:

5. Wash when it’s full - When you clean your dishes or your clothes, make sure your dishwasher/washing machine is completely full. Doing half a load is a huge waste of water and can put a stress on your water bills. Also, look into buying water-efficient appliances when your old ones die. The change can be staggering.

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