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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter beanies

Though I don't really celebrate myself, I remember really looking forward to Easter when I was a kid - devouring chocolate, listening to 'Jesus Christ Superstar,' watching TV Easter specials (good luck finding that now).

But when I found this pattern (sorry - lost the link!) I couldn't pass up the chance to make it. So the kids in the family will get an unexpected Easter treat from us...


  1. Hi Helen,
    I saw your bunny hats on Dena's Facebook. Dena was my big sister at Villa, the best big sister ever! I was wondering how I could get one of these adorable hats for my little girl.
    Thanks, Sarah

  2. If you know how to crochet, I can get you the pattern.
    If not, I could whip one up for you and post it in my Etsy store for you. If you want it by Easter, I'll have to FedEx it to (I live in LA) for Saturday delivery.

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    2. Here it is!: