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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doing it granny-style

I had always heard the term thrown around a bit, yet didn't realize what macrame was until I saw some pics online of 70's owl wall hangings and nasty looking plant-hangers. But then I saw this blog at Looks like macrame is making a comeback! Luckily, crafters out there are making them a little more basic and modern, taking the old lady out of the art. Skinny Laminx offers a super easy tutorial for making a hanging garden. So I took a shot!

Instead of basic cotton rope, I used 3-ply jute for a more natural look. (Forgive my dirty pot.)

Now that I have the basic idea, I fully intend to make a few more, maybe try out a few different designs. Gives me a good excuse to get more plants, right?


  1. Macrame always makes me think of my Aunt Linda....let's bring it back!!!

  2. I remember all the macrame of my youth and some of it was just spectacular. As with any other craft, some of it was pretty awful (macrame vests for men, for example), but there was a lot of very nice stuff, too.

  3. Love this. The minimalist-macrame and the jute you chose really suit each other well, it looks both organic and elegant.

  4. I have several pots that I wanted to hang and I wasn't sure where to start. This is a good start!