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Monday, September 12, 2011

Door bashing

The other day, I just happened to peek behind our bedroom door, and noticed the doorstop at the bottom of the wall was broken, and there was a slight indent in the wall from the doorknob. In an effort to prevent any further damage, I decided to make a new door stop... But I'm cheap. Too cheap to go buy one.

So instead, I made my own. I picked up some wooden wheels from the craft store which seemed to be the perfect size.

I slathered a couple coats of paint on top, letting dry between layers. Then sprayed a clear glossy acrylic coat on top (be sure to do outside! The fumes aren't fun to inhale).
Once dry, I added some soft squishy felt to the backside (shaped to the wheel size) so that the wheel isn't banged directly against the wall.
Found a screw long enough to fit through the wheel and into the wall, and with a head large enough not to fit right through the wheel.

So, for the cost of about $2, since I had most of the supplies in stock, I made myself colorful and cute doorstops!

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