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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trifecta of dreams

So I slept pretty bad last night. No real reason. Just kept waking up. The good that came out of it though is that I had some odd dreams. Should've written down the details on some, but I was able to remember quite a bit:
  1. Had a fight with Neil Patrick Harris. We were in some basement and arguing about something, and I kept pushing him away. I turned my back to him a started walking away. I looked back towards him and saw him coming at me with a bat. I shrieked. I'm not sure if I shrieked only in my dream, but I may have when I woke up. Only Joe and the cats would know for sure.

  2. I was watching a Batman movie. The Adam West version. But it was darker. Batman was running around some shipyard with two other people trying to get the bad guys. At one point, his right arm got chopped off. They tied up the sleeve of his costume on that arm to stop the bleeding. Suddenly, I wasn't watching it on a screen anymore. I was just there, watching as a casual viewer. They would look to me for help, but I didn't respond like they couldn't really see me.

  3. I was at my parents' house hosting a Christmas party. I was in the kitchen prepping all the food - most baked breaded stuff - but people kept interrupting me. Coworkers, family, people I don't know, etc. Then Adam West showed up. Some of my guests were oohing and ah-ing over him. Then I started to tell him how I saw that movie where his arm got chopped off...

The Adam West dreams make sense, as I had watching an online video including him before bed. But the NPH one and the details on the others - pretty random right?
I need some sleep.

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