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Monday, October 10, 2011

Gone batty

I saw this post last year from Ameroonie Designs, but never got around to making my own, until now.
As I already have throw pillows on my couches, I've started making pillow covers for them for the different seasons rather than new pillows. Totally saves space in my seasonal decoration storage which is already bursting at the seams.
I happened to have quite a bit of fleece and felt laying around, the perfect materials for the pillows!

1. For each pillow, I measured out 2 1/2 times the width of the pillow from black fleece, with about a 1/2 inch allowance for the top and bottom. I then folded over the edges for the cover's opening and stitched, so we won't see the raw edge once the pillow is inserted.
2. I cut 15 bats out of the colored felt. I'd like to say I planned to use two different colors here, but my original plan of all orange bats failed when I realized I ran out of orange. So purple it was!
3. I lined up the bats where they should be placed and pinned. Then, using matching thread, I stitched the bat bodies down, leaving the wings free. Flap as they can, they won't get away from me! Muah ha ha ha.....

4. Anyways... with right sides together, I lined up the bats as the pillow face and folded over the back flaps. I pinned the bottom of the fleece where I should stitch, as well as showing me where the side edges of the pillow should be. I stitched about 1/2" seam at the top and bottom, sure to go back over the hemmed opening seams to make sure they don't pull out from the top.
5. Turned right side out, shoved in the pillow, and voila! A festive, cheap, and best of all, easy pillowcase.


  1. This is so cute & fun! Would love if you linked this to my Craftastic party:)

  2. My friend sent me the link to this! I love the colored bats- so fun. And I love the look of a whole flock of awesome pillows! Well Done!

  3. This is so cute! At first I thought the bats would "stick" to the pillow without being sewn on. I guess using some kind of velcro that could happen. Thank you for sharing!

    Robin S.