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Monday, November 28, 2011

Crochet Basketcase

I've gone a bit crazy with crochet lately. After I had made a blanket for my coworker before she left for maternity leave, another colleague of mine commissioned me for 2 baby blankets. Since November is a crazy month with the holidays and starting the homemade portions of my Christmas presents, I needed to start these asap.

The first blanket she requested was a basketweave pattern.

Had to watch some YouTube videos to make sure I was doing it right as the written instructions weren't completely clear to me. But once I got the stitches down, I was on my way. I admit, this is a beautiful pattern. And for a baby about to be born in the Midwest, this blanket will definitely keep him warm through the cold months. The weave pattern, to appear on both sides, creates a double-thick blanket, so be prepared to use a lot of yarn!

The second blanket was this cute star pattern. She gave me the colors she wanted and off I went. I liked this pattern a lot as I could go into my crochet-zombie mode. Once the initial center star was done, I didn't have to count much anymore and just stitched away with my eyes glued to the TV.


  1. Those are beautiful! Not having to count is nice.....

  2. I love crochet star blankets, thanks for the reminder! About time I got better at crochet so I can make one. Yours looks beautiful :)