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Monday, December 19, 2011

Coworker christmas

Morale at work has been down lately. Tons of work, low pay, low respect, lots of b.s. promises, etc. So I try when I can to bring a little fun into the mix. The other day, I brought a full tin of homemade cookies to the office, with the intent it would last the week - it lasted the day.

So I thought I'd make up a little something for everybody to surprise them with fun little gifts.

I knew I would use the $1 pack of Christmas scrapbook paper I picked up at the store someday!
I found the instructions for this origami wreath at Sandy's Space. But to make them ornament sized, I halved the paper squares to 3 inches.

A small gift that's actually useful made sense for the office environment, so I made these little matching sets of a paper pad, magnetic bookmark, binder clips, and a pencil (not pictured). I found the idea for the paper pad at BlueBird Sews. I picked up enough paper so everyone had a different design set.

As far as I could tell, they seemed delightfully surprised when they came in to the office that morning. Every little bit helps!

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  1. Cute :) I'm planning on making some goodies for my co workers as well. That's really sweet of you to try and lift the mood, I'm sure they all appreciate it. Those origami wreaths are awesome!