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Friday, December 2, 2011

O Tannenbaum

Thursday night, we got to experience a little bit of Christmas in our own neighborhood - the Annual Downtown Tree Lighting Celebration in Culver City.
With a pretty big gathering, the party started with a few carols sung by the Culver City High School Chamber Singers:

Then, the highschoolers were outshined by the Linwood Howe Elementary School Choir, who kept complaining about the brightness of the lights:

I then learned that:
a. Culver City has it's own mayor, named O'Leary.
b. He's actually Irish.

What made this event great was the participation of the local businesses. The visit with Santa and the free snack table were donated by and staffed by nearby restaurants, shops, firehouse, even the optometrist. It's not very often you see a local community come together and organize an event so flawlessly. And in return, much of the crowd then patronized the businesses...
A small town feel in the big city.

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  1. Love the lion. Is it the cowardly one? He's my favorite lion because he won't try to eat me.