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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stripping - 9 & 10 of 365

Today's crafts (3% on my way to 365 - Woo!) include strips.

First up, I made myself a new ornament can. That's right - I said I was done with Christmas crafts but I lied! Muah ha ha ha.
At work we receive gift baskets from vendors, one of which included a can of nuts. Took us a few weeks to finish the nuts, but when we did, it was mine! All mine. I ripped off the label, washed it out, and glued on a strip of Christmas scrapbook paper. I now have a sturdy container for my mini-ornaments:

Next, I found these instructions from CrafterHours. I've had a t-shirt in my closet I've been hesitant to throw out. Just a plain brown tee, several years old. But just due to many years use, my deoderant turned the armpits kinda got crusty/discolored so I really only wore it as an undershirt. Once I found this idea, I was able to revitalize it and give it a few more wears! I also took it one step further and added some color to the sleeves.

I used strips of fabric which you may find familiar - the same fabric I used in my quilt block of the month block. As long as I don't wrap myself in the finished quilt wearing this tee around other people, I should be fine...

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