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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Got you covered - 34 & 35 of 365

Quite awhile ago, work provided us with some free little notebooks. I grabbed a couple. Neat concept - wrap around cover held shut with a pen held on by elastic.
But bland - white cover with our logo on it (covered with a cute sticker here). And yeah, the elastic stretched out very quickly.

But as I use these notebooks quite often, I decided to create a new cover

It's a simple sleeve to fit over the books, closes with elastic looped over a button (easily replaceable as needed), and still has a spot for a pen.

Remember my keyboard cover from a few weeks ago? Joe wanted one for his new Macbook Air, so I thought why not and made it exactly the same way. Bad idea.

A thin piece of cotton fabric and fleece put together was too thick for this dinky little laptop to close all the way After some experimentation and frustration, the keyboard ended up being just a piece of fabric with some fray-stop around the edges. Not as pretty, but it gets the job done.

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