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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On the road again - 27, 28, & 29 of 365

A new year being a new season of traveling for work. This week I'm only 50 minutes away in Anaheim, but still - too far to drive home in the evenings so I'm stuck in a hotel for a week. I then have a few weeks home, and then get bombarded with flights across the country.

So, in preparation, I whipped up a few things I'd need:

Keyboard cover:
I got tired of seeing the outline of my keyboard keys on the screen whenever I opened it. How was it happening? Guess I have dirty fingers. Whatever the reason, I needed to stop it. So I made up a slim drape to keep on top of the keys when the laptop is closed.

With some leftover fabric from my Laptop Cozy project, I made a similar cover for my keys, backed with a soft blue flannel. No more dust and dirt on my screen!

I hate belts. I hate buying them because it totally depresses me. But the one belt I have is so old and so beat I'm embarrassed to wear it in public anymore, especially when I'm wearing my dress pants while working a trade show. But then I found this tutorial for an easy belt and I took a stab at it. And I'm happy with the result! Very clean, no buckle holes that get all stretched and pulled, and my pants stay up! I liked it so much I made two - one black and one brown. Plus, they can be worn casually or formally.

Make-up bag:
I already have a makeup bag, but it's just not big/wide enough to hold all the stuff I schlep around with me while I travel. So I grabbed some leftover fabric (you may recognize from my recent jewelry roll and purse from last summer) and some burlap and muslin and BAM! Got myself a new makeup bag.

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