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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bag it - 66-69 of 365

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to see "Bag It" - a documentary focusing on the dangers of single-use plastics, primarily plastic bags. Very humorous yet informative - narrated by just a 'regular' guy - not an activist, not a hippie - just a guy who starting asking questions and didn't like the answers. "Bag It" shows the tragedies created by our need for consumption - overfilled landfills, threatened marine health, toxic chemicals now found in our bloodstream. But it also is uplifting - sure, Congress and your representatives can help to encourage more eco-friendly legislation, but it really comes down to us. Each of us has to do our part, and it can have a huge influence on our ecological future. And with Earth Day coming up, there's no better time to start.
First step - say 'no' to plastic bags at the store. Bring your own.

We've been using our own bags at the grocery store for quite awhile now. So much so that I recently noticed the bottoms getting thin and holes starting to form. Now, I really didn't want to tempt fate and have my groceries crashing to the ground at the store b/c of my beat up bags, so I felt it was time for new ones. Project!

I've been holding on to this grocery bag tutorial from for awhile and now I found a reason to make it!

(And since each bag took me about 1 1/2 hours (and a ton of thread - I double or triple stitched the seams with heavy-duty thread to make sure it stays together under heavy weight) I'm counting each bag as its own project)

Much larger than my previous bags, we're able to hold so much more!

For more information on 'Bag It' and how you can see it, visit

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