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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crocheted covers - 61 & 62 of 365

So Joe informed me that I screwed up my numbering system way back when I made my car sets (I have two 52's AND it should've been titled 52 & 53). PLUS I forgot to count my coasters from my rainbow table set. I think this crafting is starting to get to me...

That said...

Here's a set of pillow covers for my couch. I have four 14" pillows in my living room - two of which have my flower covers on them. So, I whipped up two more with mustard, cranberry, and chocolate yarn to match the colors in the room.

I made the fronts and backs different so I can display whichever side I'm in the mood for - flowery or geometrical.


  1. Very nice! Here is my Making Mondays Marvelous offering: