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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reusable gift box - 65 of 365

I have a few empty Altoids boxes laying around for a rainy day. I had picked up a gift card for a friend's birthday present and, since she's all about reusing/recycling, I decided to turn one of these boxes into a gift card holder.

First trace the shape of the tin onto the back of the paper and cut out.
Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge (MP) on the inside cover of the tin. Lay cut paper on top and smooth out any bubbles. Once dry, after a few minutes, apply another thin layer of MP on top and let dry.
In the same manner, apply a thin coat of MP to the top and bottom of case and add paper. Let dry.
Measure the width of the sides of the top and bottom of the tin and cut a strips of paper to fit. MP to the tin.
Add any decorative pieces. I lined the top and bottom of the tin with matching ribbon, and added a paper flower on top.

Only 300 more projects to go!


  1. Very cute little project! I love that you're upcycling too! Thanks for sharing

  2. cute!!!! I use altoids tins for all sorts of stuff, but rarely actually decorate them....

  3. What a GREAT idea to use the Altoid box for a gift card holder!! I'm definitely going to do this - I LOVE Altoids and probably have a bunch of empty boxes laying around! Thanks for the inspiration!