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Monday, June 4, 2012

Cat buoy - 83 of 365

It was time. The step I had redone, which I called the 'oasis,' for the cats to boost themselves onto my sewing to get to their bed had to go. It lasted a while, and was pretty cute, but we got pretty tired of LG messing it up. Once every few months, she'd be sleeping in her bed on the table, then stretch over the side and spew all over the step. Pain in the butt to clean.

So, while at the pet store recently, we found a nice scratcher-stool to use instead. And with this one, I'll be making replaceable covers. I foresee holiday covers?

If she feels the urge to spew, she can spew on this, and then I can throw it right into the wash.

Very simple construction - I cut fabric the size of the stool top, adding about 3 inches to the radius. I then made a wide casing and slipped in elastic to fit the fabric right around the top.

*sigh* It's so nice to finally stop traveling for awhile and be home to work on stuff!

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