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Monday, June 11, 2012

Next in line please! - 89 of 365

I work for a company that produces tradeshows, the registration portion to be exact. And I have found that people in line don't pay attention. Whether it's at the airport, hotel, or our show, people complain that lines are long, but when they're next in line, they're not attentive to where to go when its their turn. A huge pet peeve.

So, to help speed up our lines and save the voices of my staff from yelling 'NEXT!,' I've concocted these signs for my staff to hold up.

I printed out some word art, placed it on green paper to stand out, and laminated them together.

My plan then was to pick up some paint stirring sticks at the hardware store. Yeah, that didn't happen. When we asked, the store said they could only give out 5 or 10. I needed 30. I offered to buy them, but they refused. They refused my money?

Anyways, they recommended buying a pack of shims and left me to my own devices. What the heck is a shim?

I did find strips of wood that would have worked perfectly fine. But I'm too lazy to have them cut to the size I wanted, and then sand them all down so my staff wouldn't get splinters. Too much work.

Wondering around the huge chain store, I eventually found the shims. Turns out a shim is a piece of wood or some other material that fills gaps in counters, masonry, etc. Upon close examination, I determined these would work perfectly. I found a pack that was made from 100% recycled material (go green!) and picked up 26 for 5 bucks.

I used some e600 glue I had on hand to glue each laminate sign to the flat part of the shim. And voila! New handheld signs for my staff.

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