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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Revamps - 101 & 102 of 365

Since I joined, and especially since I'm on a break from work travel, I try to get to the gym 2-3 times a week. And I use a cheapishly-made tote bag I received from some event as my gym bag.
Recently said bag got some pretty big holes in it.

As I'm not ready to buy a new bag, or convert on of my other totes into a gym bag, I decided to extend the life of this one. With Heat-n-Bond I patched up the holes with muslin, being careful not to burn/melt the bag since it's kinda plasticky. I then decided to cover up the logo on it, not just with muslin, but with a design. And, being that this is a gym bag, I decided on a sneaker design. More than that, I went with the idea of sneakers hanging on electric lines (made of ribbon).

Hopefully I'll get a few more dozen uses out of this bag before I have to retire it.
Like the sneaker design? You can download my sneaker template here.

Next up, remember that clipboard I redid a few weeks ago? I redid another one with scrapbook paper, mod podge, and this time I incorporated ribbon to cover the seams between the papers.

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Have fun and be safe tonight!

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